Information about the Brain Gain programme

Mission of the Brain Gain programme

The main objective of the Brain Gain programme is to boost Finnish medical research. The programme has been designed to support Finnish research and to promote research excellence in Finland.

The mission of the Brain Gain programme is to attract experienced medical researchers back to Finland and is a concrete step towards strengthening research excellence in Finland.

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More effective together

The Brain Gain programme fills an important gap in the field of research funding and provides an opportunity for top researchers to return to Finland from abroad. Finland currently has no competitive resources to enable research funding to maintain excellence and the salary of an experienced researcher for the required period.

Research is long-term work and long-term funding, for example five years, is essential if we want to attract internationally acclaimed researchers.

The foundations’ new financing instrument, the Brain Gain programme, is the answer to this need and has been designed to strengthen Finnish research and to promote scientific excellence in Finland. Cooperation between three foundations allows for greater effectiveness. The foundations also aim to increase understanding of the challenges of and solutions for funding top-level research.

Finnish Medical Foundation

The Finnish Medical Foundation supports medical research and education in all fields of medicine. The Foundation annually distributes over €2 million in grants to approximately 150 researchers. The support is focused particularly on young (non-tenured) researchers and medical students. The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim established the Foundation in 1960.

The Finnish Medical Foundation, with the support of private donors, has over the years evolved into a significant private foundation in the field of medical research. We are the largest foundation that supports young researchers in all fields of medicine in Finland. The Foundation supports Finnish medical research and education through annual grants. Research grants are awarded to doctors and medical students.

Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation

The Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation is a private Finnish foundation whose main objective is to promote top-level research, especially in the fields of medicine, technology and economics. The Foundation also supports high-calibre art and culture and, at its discretion, also other projects that promote the wellbeing of the Finnish nation.

Sigrid Jusélius Foundation

The mission of the Sigrid Jusélius Foundation is to support and promote medical research to combat diseases that are devastating to humankind. We are the biggest private supporter of medical research in Finland.
Every year, we distribute millions of euros to individual researchers, research groups and research institutes concentrating on solving medical issues. At least three out of four grants are given to Finnish researchers or research institutes.

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